Thumbs Up from Kirkus Reviews

Here’s the full text of my latest book review from Kirkus Reviews: A fast-paced tale of justice in action and a remarkably accurate portrait of a trial lawyer’s daily grind. In Napoleon’s novel, a struggling lawyer befriends a local bail bondsman and takes on a case that will change his life. Fresh out of law […]

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The Film Director’s Take

The following is from David S. Goyer, the multi-talented scribe, director and bon vivant whose latest credits including The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel. My first novel ZigZag was a big first for David as well: his directorial debut. “The film ZigZag was based on the novel by Landon J. Napoleon. I was looking […]

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Another Beautiful Cover

I’ve found a real talent in designer Brandon Stout. He’s finished the second of four new covers, for The Flatirons, for the new digital editions of my novels. It’s another beautiful design. Before he begins designing, Brandon reads the entire novel to get a full sense of the story, characters, theme and mood. Only then does he […]

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Going Digital

Ah, how the world has changed since I began writing professionally in 1991. Back then floppy discs and fax machines were high technology. To that end, I’m currently in the process of creating digital editions of my four novels: The Flatirons (1995), ZigZag (1999), The Rules of Action (2010) and deep wicked freaky (2012). To do so, I’ve hired […]

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