Going Digital

Coming November 2012

Ah, how the world has changed since I began writing professionally in 1991. Back then floppy discs and fax machines were high technology.

To that end, I’m currently in the process of creating digital editions of my four novels: The Flatirons (1995), ZigZag (1999), The Rules of Action (2010) and deep wicked freaky (2012). To do so, I’ve hired my go-to editor Jim Moore to help me polish the text.

Professional designer Brandon Stout is creating new covers for each of the new editions as well. The image for this cover is from Photographer Javier Vargas who lives in South America. The dramatic shot is at a park in Argentina.

All the new digital editions will be available in November. Two of the four (“The Flatirons” and “deep wicked freaky”) are coming out of the vault, i.e. previously unpublished. Stay tuned!

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