The Dark Action (Devlin series book 2).

“Landon J. Napoleon’s novel aptly showcases a lawyer’s hectic workload… what truly propels the tale are the meticulous steps the lawyer Connor Devlin takes to reach resolutions. The author weaves distinctive characters into myriad legal wranglings. All of these cases generate an unwavering pace… A riveting legal tale that’s more true-to-life than melodramatic.” • Kirkus Reviews

 “Meticulous… The core of the story is procedure, and on that front Landon J. Napoleon excels. The depth of knowledge regarding legal matters… lend this procedural a refreshing, real-world feel that seasoned mystery readers will appreciate.” • Publishers Weekly

“I loved this book, which is unique in the way it accurately portrays the process of being a trial lawyer outside the courtroom.I read a lot of novels in this genre, and this was right up there with the best. Can’t wait for volume 3.” • Jeffrey Leon, past president American College of Trial Lawyers

 “Landon J. Napoleon has nailed it with rapid-fire and intriguing plot development wrapped in crisp dialogue. The book sharply illuminates the truth all actual trial lawyers know universally: justice is won or lost long before the judge ever swears in the jury… won or lost in the dramas and drudgery of indefatigable investigation and preparation with the inevitable set-backs awaiting. A riveting work.” • A. Clifford Edwards, president (2019-2021) International Academy of Trial Lawyers

Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story

November 2015 (Avery Press)
November 2015 (Avery Press)

“An absorbing read.” • Kirkus Reviews (see full review below)

“I read Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story with a heavy heart. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) had concerns with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airspace changes before this tragedy occurred. I applaud Karen for her bravery in writing this book and sharing the lessons to be learned. By telling her story I am hopeful the memory of the six victims—including her three children and their father—will make a difference by educating pilots and policymakers so this kind of tragedy never happens again.” • Mark Baker, President and CEO, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

“Karen Perry’s story is one of heartbreaking sorrow and transcendent strength. Her experience speaks to the resiliency of the human spirit, inspiring each of us to find that light within ourselves.” • Ashley Davis Bush, author of Transcending Loss

“A wonderfully written book. As the author relays the details, you will be immediately immersed into Karen Perry’s life and personal journey. While it is an unfortunate and painful turn of events that take place, you are left inspired by the strength of the human spirit. Highly recommend.” • Gina Quarles, author of The Accidental Purpose

“A life-changing story from a remarkable woman of courage, strength, and wisdom. The book has inspired me to dig deeper into my own spiritual search. Karen Perry’s breakthrough is a constant reminder of God’s plan and love for all of us.” • Jonas Elrod, writer/director of In Deep Shift (Oprah Winfrey Network)

“Karen Perry has lived through every parent’s nightmare—the death of a child. Except she had to live through the nightmare three times when, in the blink of an eye, her children died in a plane crash. Her poignant remembrance Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story, introduces us to the three loves of her life, Morgan, Logan, and Luke, her love of aviation, and reminds us of the beauty and frailty of life. The book is a story of finding purpose out of chaos and the courage and determination required to rebuild your soul after it has been shattered by the unfathomable. In sharing her journey she shows us that we can all overcome and continue to heal, and grow, one day at a time. Although I never had the privilege of meeting Morgan, Logan, and Luke in this world, I look forward to seeing them on the other side of the mountain.” • Captain Suzanne Skeeters, Delta Airlines

Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story is a beautifully written book about a woman’s life journey, her incomprehensible loss and, ultimately, her extraordinary courage. This is a true story full of honesty and riveting detail that leaves you forever moved.” • Paul Babeu, Pinal County Sheriff

“On the evening before Thanksgiving, an airplane shuttling Perry’s ex-husband and three small children crashed into a mountainside, killing them instantly. This biography charts Perry’s journey to, and eventually beyond, that “agonizing night.” Perry, herself an aviator, became a national figure following the 2011 crash, first as the object of sympathy and later as a model of resilience whose grieving process was captured by an Oprah Winfrey Network film crew. It’s a credit to Napoleon’s diligent reporting (Burning Shield: The Jason Schechterle Story, 2014, etc.) that readers here are treated to a much fuller portrayal of Perry… Napoleon has a knack for capturing and distilling minutiae, a skill on display as he dissects crash reports and court documents. But the real beauty here is when he uses those same skills to render Perry and her children as more than just tragic victims…  An absorbing read that serves as a reminder to cherish every moment.” • Kirkus Reviews

Burning Shield: The Jason Schechterle Story

Coming late January 2014
2014 (Avery Press)

“A maimed cop fights to regain his life in this inspiring true story… Author [Landon J.] Napoleon scrupulously guides readers through Schechterle’s teen years, spent absorbing the sounds of REO Speedwagon, excelling at golf and falling in love—and into his laudable career in the Air Force. Faithfully documented is every bump and nook on his road toward achieving his childhood dream: wearing a Phoenix Police Department badge. As the enthusiastic rookie got his bearings in the routines of police work—which involved more picking up shoplifters at Wal-Mart than high-octane shootouts—his future fate was darkly foreshadowed by events elsewhere. All across the country, police officers were dying in exploding Ford Crown Victorias, and attorney Patrick J. McGroder III—“the legal equivalent of The Terminator ”—aimed to make Ford pay. Schechterle would be crucial in helping him. Napoleon, the author of several crime novels, is skilled at painting a scene in slangy strokes while balancing plotlines… this true story reads like a novel.” • Kirkus Reviews

“This gripping biography of Jason Schechterle’s battle for life and justice celebrates the resilience of the human spirit while condemning corporate greed. In the telling of Schechterle’s story—from his becoming a Phoenix police officer to the March 26, 2001, auto accident that nearly killed him—Napoleon offers up suspenseful prose replete with all the crucial elements of a legal thriller. Schechterle’s accident—a taxi hit his police cruiser, which inexplicably burst into flames—turned out to be part of a nationwide spate of similar auto explosions. Legal crusader Patrick J. McGroder, who worked with Schechterle in his case against Ford Motor Company, is depicted as a feisty, down-home everyman. This enthralling biography injects the intimacy of fiction into a true story of human endurance. Readers are continuously reminded that Jason Schechterle is flesh, bones, and blood, not a fictional character, and they are invited to experience his terror, frustration, and ultimate triumph.” • Publishers Weekly

“Sad, exciting, life-changing and emotional, Burning Shield: The Jason Schechterle Story is an amazing story of one man’s triumph over tragedy with the support of an entire community.” • Jack Ballentine, former homicide detective and author of Murder for Hire

“This book is a powerful, inspiring story of one man’s will to survive and to thrive in the face of horrific injuries. It is also a keen look into the workings of our police men and women and the close bonds that knit them together.  We admire them, and we especially admire Jason Schechterle.” • Janet Napolitano, former Arizona governor (2002-2009) and Arizona attorney general (1998-2002)

“Landon J. Napoleon displays a flair for detail in this fast-moving book… The third-person account is an inspiring read, even for those with a passing familiarity with the story from the news.” • The Arizona Republic

“Landon J. Napoleon has taken a complicated story and created a spellbinding narrative… The book reads like a legal thriller.” • Valley Book Blog

“Jason Schechterle is an inspiration and his story must be read and shared.” • Derrick Hall, president and CEO, Arizona Diamondbacks.


ZigZag is one of the boldest and most original first novels to appear in a long time. It’s also very funny, in a way that only the raw street-song of truth can be funny. Landon J. Napoleon has written a gem.” • Carl Hiaasen

“A remarkable debut portraying the inner life of a disturbed ghetto teenager as he attempts to grow up in the frightening world he’s inherited… An unaffected, moving, astonishing insight into the heart of a troubled, silent genius.” • Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“… In a series of wacky episodes, the duo are aided by good guys… while avoiding the baddies, including ZigZag’s father, a loan shark, and the boss… this mixture of comic adventure and paean to the values of volunteerism is a vivid read. An impressive debut novel…” • Library Journal (starred review)

“… affecting first novel that explores the survival of the human spirit in an atmosphere of deprivation and cruelty.” • Publisher’s Weekly

“… Landon J. Napoleon’s first novel is an affecting work.” • Dallas Morning News

“Landon J. Napoleon conveys the strength of the human spirit through his wonderful creation, and in the process tells an engaging and enriching story.” • Barnes and Noble, Discover Great New Writers, 1999 Finalist

ZigZag is a novel that ripples with attitude aplenty. It is ultimately life-affirming in the extreme, a glowing testament to the resilience of the human spirit.” • Richard Walter, Professor and Chairman of Screenwriting at UCLA Film School

“Skillful wordplay and a strong sense of narrative timing. ZigZag is deserving of the advance praise.” • Java Magazine

“To zigzag is to take a side step from the logical and normal. ZigZag is the character in Landon J. Napoleon’s eponymous novel whose lightning fast mental detours allow him fresh perspectives on life.” • The Edition

“Landon J. Napoleon has a knack for sketching urban detail… well-handled and marred by very few missteps.” • Eye Weekly

“One of the best ways to appreciate Landon J. Napoleon’s first novel, ZigZag, is to think of it as a film— that’s what most who read it do.” • The Arizona Republic

“… an affecting tale of the triumph of hope over desperate circumstances… a modern day Of Mice And Men.” • The Times, United Kingdom

“… like a portrait of Huck Finn in negative.” • Sunday Times, United Kingdom

“A refreshing debut novel… This is more than your average ‘tale from the hood.’ It has a stylish, assured quality… highly entertaining and highly recommended.” • Pride Magazine, United Kingdom

“… an adventure that has all the tragic-comic energy of a latter-day The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn. Like Twain’s classic, this novel excels at adolescent monologue.” • Arena Magazine, United Kingdom

“A highly colourful tale… Along the way the reader is exposed to the strangeness, the magic and the wonder of ZigZag’s imaginary powers… emotional strength and genuine passion.”•

“… a moving piece dealing with the issues of physical abuse and racism. Involving.” • Glasgow University Guardian

An insightful review of the “ZigZag” film from Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News.

More praise for Landon J. Napoleon:

“Weird, funky, and offbeat, deep wicked freaky is a harrowing, hysterical, and ultimately life-affirming romp through America’s dark and desperate underbelly. His prose reads like you would imagine a road-rocker’s elegy sounds— gritty, jagged, and full of passion.” • David S. Goyer, writer of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises

“Briskly told and well-drawn, this legal thriller (The Rules of Action) does what many courtroom-based novels and television shows do not: It stays true to the actual practice of trial law… A fast-paced tale of justice in action and a remarkably accurate portrait of a trial lawyer’s daily grind… Prospective law students are frequently encouraged to read law-student memoirs or legal hornbooks, but for a realistic view of litigation and a great deal more action, they’d do well to add this legal thriller to their reading list. • Kirkus Reviews

The Rules of Action is one of the most compelling and entertaining books I have ever read on the strategy and gamesmanship of the legal process.”• Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods

“[The Rules of Action] is an inspired-by-facts legal drama… tracing a brash Irish lawyer’s rise to the top.” • The Arizona Republic

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